Champagne & Sparkling Wines

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Champagne Pol Roger, Epernay

Our unstinting support of this House is not the result of flashy advertising campaigns or bibulous “buying trips” but instead it is the result of a proper partnership where both of us understand and respect our roles in the Wine Trade over many years of working together.  The fact their range of wines comes at such a keen price for such consistent quality is co-incidental!

Total production at Pol Roger is ONLY around 1.5 million bottles p.a., making them one of the smallest of the Grandes Marques. Worth noting is their cellars are amongst the coolest and deepest in the region, a factor which contributes to their famously fine bubbles.

We also concur with one of their best customers, Sir Winston Churchill: “My tastes are simple; I am easily satisfied with the best!”

Brut Réserve NV – Bottles & Magnums available

2000 Vintage Brut  – Bottles & Magnums available

1999 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill



Gilbert and Christine Felettig, Chambolle-Musigny

This brother and sister team were introduced to Andrew by Yves Darviot.  Following his latest trip he was offered a tiny parcel of his sparkling wine – which was a resounding hit when launched blind on a select group of clients.   Another very capable string to Gilbert’s bow. Rich and rounder than Madame Paquet’s more elegant style.  Horses for courses?

 2008 Crémant de Bourgogne ‘Blanc de Blancs’